Smart Shorts can measure your shape in 3D with mm accuracy.

Our 3rd generation is here and it is a massive technological leap forward!

Smart Shorts

Put the Smart Shorts on and they will measure your shape in 3D with 1/8″ (3mm) accuracy. They are very stretchy, and come in three sizes S-M, M-L and L-XL.
Over 320 measurements in a grid form are taken across the shorts. Data is sent to our app and an exact 3D avatar of your body shape is created.

Fitness Tracking

When you work out, you often replace fat with muscle but a scale can’t tell the difference and might say nothing has changed.
Ditch the scale. See your true progress. Smart Shorts can track your body shape changes in 3D over the months and years.

Jeans Fitting

With the reached precision, for the first time ever jeans purchased online will fit as good as the ones bought in stores.
Our app compares your exact shape to the shape of jeans and finds specific brands, models and sizes to fit you best. It’s your denim cupid.

You Can Share

There are no metal wires or batteries woven into the Smart Shorts. They can be washed, and are as durable as any regular sportswear.
You can share the Smart Shorts with friends and family, and each will download the app and create their own app account.

Measuring Bra

Coming next is a measuring bra that can measure band size and each cup’s shape in 3D.
We are working on cataloging bras and to ensure a near perfect recommendation fit. Stay tuned for the release date.

About Us

LikeAGlove is a 7 year old Israeli startup and the original inventor of smart measuring garments.
LikeAGlove is taking a massive technological leap forward by introducing its 3rd generation of body shape measuring garments in 2021.
Our 3rd generation garments are currently the most accurate at home body shape measuring technology on the market.

Our app stores your measurements, tracks your fitness progress and discovers best fitting jeans and pants for you.


The garments come in three sizes S-M, M-L and L-XL, covering sizes 00 to 24. We are working on plus version as well.


No batteries or metal wires. You can wash the measuring shorts. It is as durable as any regular sportswear.