1. How They Work

Smart shorts measure your shape. You put them on, press measure in our free app and stand still. They measure you in seconds and send the data via Bluetooth to the app. The shorts are VERY stretchy and can fit sizes 0-18 in regular version, and 10-32W in curvy version. Garment is FCC and CE approved.

2. The Measurements

The shorts measure 4 areas of your body, where the jeans typically sit. They measure along the sensor lines and their positions are optimal for jeans fitting. The shorts also are great for tracking fitness progress. When we lose or gain inches it is most vivid in our hips and waist area.

3. The Use

Finding Jeans. We’ve analyzed hundreds of jean fits, styles, and brands, and created an algorithm that takes your measurements and recommends jeans as if they were custom made for you, presenting a variety of styles and brands, from budget-friendly to investment-worthy pieces.
Tracking Fitness. Whether your life revolves around working out or you’re lucky to get out for a walk once a week, your body is constantly changing and evolving. LikeAGlove helps you visualize that change much better than weights, and tracks your true body progress over months and years.

4. The Thigh

Each denim retailer has their own unique design that hugs your waist and hips differently, and a good match there is key to a good fit. Moreover, retails do not offer the same pair of jeans in different thigh sizes. So our app estimates your thigh from your curves measurements and makes accurate recommendations out of what is offered by retailers.

5. The Inseam

Inseam is a matter of personal preference. If you wear your jeans with flats you might want them shorter, and if you wear them with heels – longer. We want our recommendations to reflect your personal style, so inseam is your choice and you can set it in the app. You can always adjust it later and the app will only look for jeans of these lengths.

6. How To Wear

The shorts should sit like mid-rise jeans, falling two fingers below your navel point. They are very stretchy, so don’t pull them too high, and don’t breathe in while the shorts are measuring (some instinctively do so). You want to stand naturally and let the shorts take accurate measurements.

7. The Recommendations

Each brand has its own unique cut and shape. What makes LikeAGlove so unique is that we don’t simply take your measurements and convert them into a size. We learn your shape and match it to the shape of the jeans, discovering specific brands, models, and sizes that best accommodate YOUR contours.

8. The Power of Knowledge

While Browsing through the Catalog, you will be amazed at how your size can change from one brand to the next. LikeAGlove enables you to explore new brands and styles. You don’t have to wonder whether you picked the right size or cut. Our star ratings are about the fit, so if it’s rated a 4 or 5 stars, it should fit you beautifully.

9. Personal Preferences Matter

Sometimes two women of the exact same measurements may choose different sizes, as one likes a tight fit and the other prefers it loose. When signing up you can share your known size in two different brands. Knowing your preferences, together with your measurements, enables the app to estimate how tight you like your jeans to sit and what other brands to recommend for you.

10. You Have The Final Say

Our app finds brands and styles that work best with your shape and offers you plenty of choices. But, like anything related to style, it’s still a matter of personal preference. We recommend trying several brands and styles to discover your favorite. You can always return the jeans you don’t like but the ones you do, are going to fit you Like A Glove.

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Our free app tracks your fitness progress and finds best fitting jeans for you.


The shorts are VERY stretchy and fit sizes 0-18 in regular version, and 10-32W in curvy version.


The shorts aren’t intended to be washed, as you’re only putting them on for a minute to measure yourself.


The shorts are powered by a coin size battery that lasts 5years; a lifetime.


You can share them with friends and family. Download the free app and create a new account.


We offer a 1-year limited warranty. 30 days returns. Free App and free app updates.