Understanding Your Body Type & Shape

It’s no secret that shopping can be difficult. And, finding the appropriate clothing to suit your proportions can often be more challenging than it seems.

A great way to conquer the trials of shopping is by first understanding your body type and body shape. Especially when it comes to jeans, as specific styles and cuts flatter each body shape differently. So, by understanding your body you’re one step closer to discovering that perfect pair of jeans for you.


The Type


There are three standard body types; Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. Bear in mind you do not have to fall exclusively under one body-type, most women are actually a combination of two.

  • Ectomorph: narrow waist, long limbs, slim and slender figure
  • Mesomorph: slim hips that compliment an athletic build, muscular shoulders and usually a fast metabolism.
  • Endomorph: rounder with bigger bones, a higher waist along with larger thighs and hips, and sometimes smaller feet and hands

Your body type will affect your body shape in terms or proportions and fitness.

The Shape

500px-Bodyshapes.svg (1)

First, it needs to be said, every body type is different. These are four generic shapes that bodies tend to fall under, and can help you understand how your proportions are distributed.

There are lots of different names for body shapes but a very common description is with fruit, and who doesn’t love fruit?

  • Banana: No real difference in measurement between their hips and waist, tend to be waif like.
    • Stylist recommendation: flares, boyfriend, skinny jean with flow top to add curves
  • Apple: Generally larger bust and stomach and slimmer hips, making the figure appear top heavy.
    • Stylist recommendation: Fading to add curves, mid-rise
  • Pear: Almost opposite of the apple, pears are larger in their lower body than their upper body with hips wider than the shoulders.
    • Stylist recommendation: classic straight *pair with a great heel, high-rise,dark wash, narrow leg
  • Hourglass (not a fruit): The upper and lower body tend to be equally proportioned cut in half by a narrow waist, which creates the illusion of an hourglass.  
    • Stylist recommendation: solid tones, and slim fit.

So, there you have it. Body shapes and types in a nutshell. We hope this will help you on your search for the perfect jean.