Our Top Strategies to Crush Your Cravings

crush cravings

Cravings – we all get them. We all just have those times when we crave salty and sugary treats. 


Most of the time people tell us to push through it, gain will-power and stay focused on your goals. But there are times when the cravings just trump our goals. 


There are several reasons for this. Be gentle on yourself. Sometimes life happens. Sometimes it’s just a fun gathering. Sometimes your cravings are indicating your body needs something its not getting enough of. 

crush cravings

Often times these cravings result from just a need to eat something a little sweet and indulgent, salty and crunchy. Just comforting and satisfying. 


But for those pesky times when you just need something to take the edge off so you don’t lose your way, we have created our favorite ways to bust the cravings and keep you on track.


  • Drink flat or carbonated citrus infused water.


crush cravings


This tackles two points: First, make sure you are actually hungry. Our body gives us the same signals for both hunger and thirst. Many times we are thirsty we mistake it for being hungry and eat instead of taking in fluids. 


Second, drinking water, especially carbonated water can help you feel more full and satiated. We don’t recommend replacing this for your actual meals or snacks, but it can help to bridge between meal time or times when you are eating because you’re bored or anxious. 


  • Prepare ahead of time for when those cravings arise. 

crush cravings


Create in bulk the snacks you can safely eat and stay on track at any point. Keep homemade sweets and snacks in the house so you know exactly what is in them and can control the amount of sugars, salt and fats in what you’re eating. 


  • Eat protein-rich meals.

If you are finding yourself craving food throughout the day, it could be that your meals are not filling you enough to carry you to your next meal. Often times this happens if you do not have enough protein sourced in your foods. 


  • Allow your cravings for certain foods to be sometimes foods, not forbidden foods. Eat a little of your actual craving food or something similar to it. 

crush cravings


It is hard to ignore cravings, or when someone shows up with some great foods you are looking to not eat much of. When these times arise, it can really help to curb the craving by eating a little bit of it. Make it not “off limits” but more of a sometimes food or only in small amounts. If you fixate on how you are not allowed to eat it, the item becomes the forbidden fruit. Now it’s all you can think about, and if and when you cave, well you’ll consume much more than if you just allowed yourself a little of it in the first place!


  • Take time to reflect. 


crush cravings


Reflecting on your state of mind can be done through journaling, meditation or movements such as yoga. If your cravings are strong and frequent, it could be your mind and body asking for something emotionally in the form of comfort or reassurance in the direction you’re moving in. Often times we eat without thinking about what or why we are eating it. And many times if we stop to think, the craving we are having has nothing to do with food at all. 






** The opinions and exercises shared in this article are from one of our regular contributing authors and are not to replace the advice and guidance from a licensed practitioner. Be safe. Talk to your doctor before any changes to your diet and exercise regime.



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