The Power Of Tracking

Success begins with a goal.


How do you translate your goal setting into an action plan that is achievable? Tracking your progress is a fundamental part of the process. Our app tracks your measurements over time so that you can monitor your progress and increase the likelihood that you will be successful in achieving your goals.

Creating new habits takes time and effort. Tracking your progress is just like any other habit; at first it will require focus to get into it, but the benefits of tracking are enormous.

Tracking helps you hone in on what’s important to achieving your goals. It makes it easier for you to recognize possible obstacles standing in your way, and how to create strategies to overcome those challenges.

Our smart shorts and tracking app makes tracking easier – all you have to do is put the shorts on; your measurements are sent to the app and are automatically tagged with the date, and charted for you.

Tracking is a powerful tool on the journey to reaching your goals.  Once you begin to see progress, it starts getting easier, because your progress becomes visible. Your confidence increases. You see that what you’re doing is working and you become more motivated to keep going.

People who track stay on track. Be one of them!



The Power Of Sharing

Your chances of success are even more likely if you share your progress publicly.

That’s why we make sharing your progress easy!






** The opinions and exercises shared in this article are from one of our regular contributing authors and are not to replace the advice and guidance from a licensed practitioner. Be safe. Talk to your doctor before any changes to your diet and exercise regime.



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