Let’s Talk Denim Inseam

denim jeans inseam

There is a little bit more to a perfect pair of jeans than size. Even if you found a pair that sits on your waist just right and hugs your hips like a gentle lover, if the inseam of the jeans is off the fit could be ruined for you. So how do you find the perfect jean length for yourself? It actually might be a lot easier than you think. 

Inseam is the length of the jeans from the crotch to the bottom of the leg. Understanding it, measuring for it, and knowing what length you need will help tremendously when picking your next pair.
So, let’s talk inseam! We’ll discuss optimal inseams for different styles of jeans, how to manually measure your unique inseam length, and how to adjust your inseam in your LikeAGlove app preferences.

Measuring The Inseam.

There are 2 ways to measure: Natural inseam (using your body) or using a pair of jeans you already own.

  1. Measuring your natural inseam is the most optimal way, so we’ll start with that. Stand with your feet flat on the floor and your back against the wall to make sure your back is straight. Measure (or better yet, have someone help you) from where your legs join your torso down to your heel. You might as well measure down to your ankle bone to find out the inseam for skinny and cropped styles.
  2. Using a pair of jeans. The second way to measure your inseam is to take a pair of jeans (or pants) you already own and measure from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg.

After you’ve measured it, check the recommended inseam in your LikeAGlove app to see if the numbers match.

Inseam Length For Different Types Of Jeans.

Most of the jeans styles fall into one of these three categories: skinny, straight, and flare. If you’re using your LikeAGlove app to shop, simply hop over to your Preferences section and adjust the inseam to whatever length you need. If you do not own a pair of smart shorts yet, use your manual measurements.

  • Skinny jeans are meant to come down to your ankle and are worn one of three ways: naturally ruffled up like an accordion, rolled up, and ending at the ankle. Even when worn with heels, skinny, ankle, and cigarette cut jeans look a bit awkward when the inseam is too long. Use the table below as a reference guide for a perfect inseam.

denim jeans inseam length table

  • Straight jeans are very versatile. They look great just covering your ankle, folded naturally atop your foot, or worn with heels. Everything here depends on your preferences. You can use the table above for reference or if you like to wear your straight jeans with heels, add 2-3 inches to your natural inseam.
  • Bootcut and flare jeans require longer inseams and should at least go down to your heel. While bootcut will still look amazing with flat boots and sneakers,  you’ll definitely want heels or wedges for flares. Add a couple to a few inches to your natural inseam for the best length.

Adjusting The Inseam In Your LikeaGlove App.

denim jeans inseam

Adjusting inseam length

Hopefully, you already own a pair of LikeAGlove smart shorts so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect size jeans. The app will also recommend an optimal inseam length for different types of jeans, but did you know that you can manually adjust the inseam for more customized recommendations?

Hope over to the Preferences section of your app and adjust the inseam wheel to your liking. Each style of jeans has its own inseam/length wheel. Once you’re done, switch back over to the Catalog which will automatically update to reflect your preferences.

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