How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Jeans For Your Body Type

Have you ever wondered why we love jeans so much?

Yves Saint-Laurent said it best:

“I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.”

In today’s fashion industry, there are many variations of jeans styles and cuts, we chose to talk about the most common and relevant.



Skinny jeans are the most popular style nowadays, and tend to compliment a diverse spectrum of body types. They are the standard jeans style today, and women like them because they accentuate the derriere while flattening the belly area. Every woman should have at least one pair of skinny jeans in her closet. For a more curvy woman, we would recommend getting a darker shade of blue or black.

Skinny jeans enhance the ankle, which is the most narrow part of the body. This style could really compliment certain women, but also do the opposite for women with curvier thighs. What’s great about a skinny jean is that if you’re skinny or curvy it can give you the appearance of longer legs. And, if paired with a loose fitting top it can create a polished yet laid back look.



This is basically a skinny jean with a wider ankle, and is a great option for women that are looking to balance their  proportions. The wider ankle creates the impression of a  “proper” trouser, rather than the as well as . those with a fuller upper body.

They look great cuffed or loose, and could be styled for work or for pleasure.

Best For: Women who have curvier hips and a fuller belly.

Not Best For: Women with short legs

Best Styled With: sandals, loafers, sneakers, heels, wedges


Boyfriend jeans are a perfect mix of casual and refined. They take a laid back look and make it cool and sexy. Best of all, boyfriend jeans are loose around the thighs and knees, offering the perfect balance of comfort and style.

Ideally, they should be worn cuffed. 

Best For: Women with curves and a wider hip.

Not Best For: Women with a larger belly area, and shorter women.

Best Styled With: sandals, sneakers, heels, booties


Flare jeans come in a variety of widths, from extremely flared to more bootcut. The width of the flare is a matter of taste and preference, but can also be more flattering on specific body types. Similar to skinny jeans, you can get flare jeans in a mid-rise or a high-rise. The same style suggestion would apply here.

Best For: Women with a wide hip, and women with a slimmer figure.

Not Best For: Women who are top heavy

Best Styled With: Heels



A bootcut is a more accommodating flare, and flatters more body types. For example, if your frame is too top heavy for a flare a bootcut might be a better option.

*Cropped Bootcut

We know it’s a total trend, but we love it. There is something about the combination of being disproportional, and the ankle visibility, that give this style a little more cool factor than a regular bootcut.

This style might be too disproportional for women with wide hips.


A High-Rise closes on  the natural waistline a bit above the belly button,and has a vintage feel to it.  It works for a woman with a waist that is narrower than her hips., as it elongates the bottom half of the torso. Also, this style can tuck in lower belly bumps.

Best For: Women with a narrow waist. Also a great choice for mature women that would like a leaner and smoother fit.

Not Best For: Women with a long torso since it elongates the shape, it can make certain assets seem disproportionately large. It is also not the best style for women whose waist is more straight than narrow because it can “dig in” at your softer area and create a muffin top. 

Best Styled With: Boots, Pumps, Ballet Flats, cropped shirts, and thin fabrics that can be tucked in.


A mid-rise jean closes up about a finger from your belly button,usually creating a more casual look. It works good with almost any top, from a t-shirt to a silk blouse. Also, since it’s a mid rise, and doesn’t go above the belly button, you have space to breath.

Best For: Women whose legs are their stronger asset, or who tend to wear looser tops. Also, good for women who are top heavy (larger bust or shoulders).

Not Best For: Women with short curvy legs and thighs.

Best Styled With: Boots, Pumps, Ballet Flats


A Low-rise jean buttons right above the pubic bone. Generally, it is a good alternative for someone with a boyish figure who would like to add some curves to their shape. A low-rise will make the butt and thighs look more curvy while lengthening the torso, which is good for women with longer legs.

Best For: Women with a straight/slim frame

Not Best For: Curvy women or women with a thicker belly.

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