How I lost 50lbs and kept it off for good!


It’s the biggest time of year where people have made a resolution to feel and look their best. For many of us, this is an annual, or even a more frequent goal we set, but do not always accomplish.

Two years ago, I lost 50 lbs and I’ve kept it off. No longer do I need to set the goal of weight loss. I just aim to maintain my hard work.

How was I able to set this goal for the LAST time? Well, I’m about to tell you the five factors that changed it all, for good.


1. I stopped losing weight for others, and started losing weight for myself.


This point here is the most important factor to how I keep the weight off. I stopped dieting for what I thought I needed to look like for others. Once I started eating and exercising for myself, and no one else, it became easy. You can read more about this in “5 Surprising things that changed as my self talk became more positive”.


2. I ditched the scale and focused on my measurements


Another pivotal move I made for myself was to stop getting on the scale! My body shifts in ways that the scale cannot tell me and I was tired of having a number run my life. I started to rely on my measurements, and how my body felt to determine my success towards my goals.


3. I set realistic goals with an end date


This took some serious self reflection. I had to understand what my body type was, and what weights I’ve lived happily and healthily at in the past. I couldn’t just look at social media and pull a number out of the air. I had to understand myself and what was achievable without living an unhealthy lifestyle to maintain it. So, I chose 50lbs, as I knew I had healthily lived much of my life at this lower weight without strict constant dieting.


4. I practiced journaling and gratitude

I’m partial to writing anyway, so this felt like an easy add into my daily regime. I wrote down positive moments I was grateful for, and spun the more failing or negative moments to be grateful I recognized where I could improve and that this is all part of the non-linear journey.


5. Dieting was for a short, specific time.

I would often just create a goal of general weight loss and try and live by a diet at all times. Often I would set a regimented and strict diet with little wiggle room for real life. Instead, this time I set a three month goal to stick to my strict and regimented diet, starting in January and ending in March. From there I just loosely followed the diet, but allowed myself the freedom to live life. The focused dieting time helped me to kick start my journey and ingrain some new habits nutritionally, making it easier to stay near my diet, without obsessing over it.




Weight loss is simple. But that does not make it easy. I’ve gained and lost weight a lot over the years, but finally, my mind shifted and my body followed much more easily.

Good luck to everyone who is on their own journey.



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