Our favorite snacks to keep you on track with your wellness journey this January!


It’s the beginning of January and all the fitness New Year’s resolutions are in full swing! Sadly, by the end of January many will abandon this resolution. Change is hard. Especially nutrition, with it being a constant string of choices all day every day.

Make this year the last time you need to set this goal for yourself by finding healthy snacks to keep you on track the whole way through.


1. Turmeric, almond and coconut oil latte


A body-warming source of antioxidants and healthy fats.


2. Carbonated water


Curb hunger cravings between meal times and increase your daily water consumption.


3. Homemade hummus and colorful carrots


A portable healthy way to consume healthy carbs and fats from the hummus, while each colour of carrot contains its own health benefit. Make an array of colours part of your next snack and stay on track!


4. Avocado, sea salt and fresh herbs on multigrain toast

Filling healthy fats with the perfect taste of sea salt. Add a variety of herbs to spice it up.


5. Citrus infused water

You can infuse your water with almost anything. Our favorite around the office is a variety of sliced citrus, including grapefruit, lemon and limes.


6. Yogurt, chia seeds and fruit parfaits


Hunt around for your favorite variety of this popular and portable snack! Ours includes chia seeds, plain, full fat yogurt and whatever fruit we have on hand.


7. Coconut oil coated popcorn


If you haven’t tried making popcorn yourself on the stove top, or with a popcorn maker, we highly recommend it! Such a healthy alternative to popping bags from the store, and a great way to control how much fat you add to your bowl. Try adding a little pink salt for that salty flavor we all love.


8. Dark Chocolate drops with dried fruit and nuts


Beautiful and easy to make! So elegant you could gift them, but so decadent you won’t want to 😉


9. Artichoke with Tzatziki


Forgot the greasy appetizers and try steamed artichoke with a simple and healthy dip such as tzatziki.


10. Homemade Protein Balls


Make your own nutrition packed protein balls, and roll them around in a variety of coatings from cinnamon to cacao shavings! Perfect for road trips or post workout cravings!


Good luck this month on all your New Year’s resolutions! Check back for more tips and tricks soon!


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