9 Things To Know About LikeAGlove’s Smart Garment

Are you about to get your pair of LikeAGlove smart shorts? Congratulations! You’re going to discover your true size and shape, receive stellar jeans recommendations, experiment with new brands with confidence, and accurately track your fitness progress. 

We know that you may have some questions before ordering a pair so we prepared 9 facts every potential (an existing) customer should know! 

1. The Use.

Our smart shorts is the first product in the world that can accurately track your fitness progress AND determine your true size.

  • Tracking Fitness. Whether your life revolves around working out or you’re lucky if you get out for a walk once every couple of weeks, your body is constantly changing and evolving. Because LikeAGlove measures those changes in inches (or centimeters, if you prefer), not pounds, it helps you visualize that difference much better than if you were relying on weights, step trackers, and measuring tapes. We said before and we’ll say it again: it’s not about the pounds, it’s about the changes in your shape!
  • Finding Jeans That Fit Like A Glove. We’ve analyzed hundreds upon hundreds of jean fits, styles, and brands, and created an algorithm that takes your body measurements and recommends jeans that’ll make you think they were custom made specifically for your body. Our Catalog will present you with a variety of styles and brands, from budget-friendly Old Navy to investment-worthy pieces from Joe’s and Hudson Jeans.

2. The Measurements.

The shorts will measure 4 areas of your body: High Waist, Low Waist, High Hip, and Low Hip. The results will be recorded and stored in the Progress tab of the LikeAGlove app where you can see your overall progress and individual measurements.

  • Thigh Measurement. Some of you have asked why isn’t there a thigh measurement. The reason is tied to jeans recommendations. Each retailer has their own unique cut and design that’s shaped to hug our waist and hips differently, and a good match in those areas is the most important aspect. Another important point is that retailers do not offer the exact same item in different thigh sizes. So, even if we did measure the thigh, it would not have improved the recommendations but would increase the price. And we wanted to create an effective, yet affordable product.
  • Inseam. Inseams are a matter of personal preference. Most of the time inseam length is based on the type of jeans and type of shoes you’re going to wear. You might want your skinny jeans to go down to your ankles while letting your bellbottoms hang down to the floor. We want our recommendations to reflect your personal style,  so we start by estimating your inseam based on your height, and then allowing you to adjust it. You can always go back and change the inseam length later, but when you’re first setting up your account it’s important not to leave it blank as the app is using the inseam information for jeans recommendations.

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3. The Stretch

Our smart garments are VERY stretchy. They are comprised of a comfortable blend of spandex and nylon that allows them to fit customers between the sizes 0 to 20.

4. The Wear.

The leggings should sit like mid-rise jeans, falling an inch or two below your navel. Do Not pull them too high and Do Not breathe in while the shorts are measuring you. Stand naturally to let the leggings get an accurate reading.

LikeAGlove leggings are not meant to be exercised in or to be worn as clothing. Take your shorts off right after use and store them in your LikeAGlove box.

In order to protect the sensitive wiring and the measurement pad, please do not wash the shorts. And you really won’t have to: even if you measure yourself once a week you are only wearing them for an hour a year because the measurements only take a minute.

5. The Battery

The leggings are eco-friendly and turn off automatically after 5 minutes idle. The battery is built to last 500 measurements – that’s over 5 years, even if you measure yourself once a week!

6. The Recommendations

We’re not matching numbers, we’re matching shapes. Each brand has its own unique cut, shape, and even sizing of denim. What makes LikeAGlove so unique is that we don’t simply take your measurements and convert it to size – we learn your unique shape and help you discover brands, models, and sizes that best accommodate YOUR contours.

Important: To get 5-star recommendations, make sure that you’ve filled in all of the preferences in the app including your height and favorite brands. The algorithm has to have a point of reference to work its magic!

7. The Power Of Knowledge. 

Browsing through the Catalog, you will be amazed at how your size can change from one brand to the next and you’ll probably come to a realization that now you can try dozens of different brands and styles that you might not have considered before. That’s okay! In fact, it’s a great opportunity to try something new.  Explore new styles, brands, and cuts of jeans across the board with confidence. You don’t have to wonder whether you picked the right size or if the cut is flattering for your shape – if our recommendation is rated at least 4 stars, it should fit you beautifully. Happy shopping!

8. Your Personal Preferences Matter

When creating your new account you’ll be asked to share your height, weight, and known size in two brands. Knowing your preferred size in two brands enables us to get to know you and make better recommendations. For example, women of same measurements may choose different sizes, as some like a tight fit and others prefer more loose-fitting jeans.

The app will use this information to fine-tune its recommendations, so make sure to provide accurate info. If you leave it blank, your recommendations will not be rated higher than 3 stars. 

9. You Have The Final Say

likeaglove smart shorts

LikeAGlove app finds brands and styles that work best with your shape and offers you plenty of choices. But, like anything related to style, it is still a matter of personal preference. We recommend trying several brands and styles to discover your favorite. You can always return jeans you don’t love and keep the ones that fit you Like A Glove.


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