5 Denim Styles Every Woman Should Have

Ah, fashion. Styles come and styles go, and then there are timeless classics that will always work and can be blended with the latest trend.

Take denim. Remember the days when there was one style of jeans? In in the 90’s it was flares and in the early 00’s it was the skinny. Now there are so many trends. The choices can get overwhelming – even for the veteran fashionistas. We’ve sifted through all the styles out there to determine the classics from the momentary trends.

Here are 5 timeless denim styles every woman should own. Not sure your size, or which brand would fit you best? LikeAGlove is here to help! Our smart leggings take your measurements and recommend the perfect pair of jeans for your shape.

Cropped Cigarette Jeans

AG via Neiman Marcus

Why you need it:
This style can be called the white T-shirt of jeans. Not because it is basic, but because it is so simply chic, and as essential to any wardrobe as a white t. The style can be dressed up or dressed down with the right accessories, and is perfect for any occasion.

What we love it: It’s an understated style that lets the wearer do the talking. Think of it as a blank canvas, and you can express your personality with shoes, accessories, hair, and more.

**if a brand doesn’t offer a cropped cut, consider order your size in a shorter inseam (pant length).

  High Wasted Flare

American Eagle via Pinterest

Why you need it: Don’t be too intimidated by this style, or think it’s pigeon-holed in a 60’s/70’s aesthetic. We would recommend straying away from peasant tops or florals to avoid this motif, and trying stripes or plan colors to give it an updated and modern feel. This style is so easy to dress up because it is naturally a little dressy.

Why we love it: At first we thought this style was a “momentary trend”, but the truth is it’s such a flattering fit on so many different body types. It illuminates an hourglass figure instantly, and creates that ultimate va-va-voom affect. We personally prefer the style for evening, but if you’re daring go for it when the sun it still up!


“Mom Jeans”

Why you need it: These aren’t your mom’s jeans; the name should be used liberally. Never underestimate the power of high-wasted acid washed jeans, think Brenda Walsh on 90210. It’s a nice vintage throw-back without being too campy, and it’s understated enough to be modernized.

Why we love it: The style hugs your hips and accentuates anyone in all the right place, giving even the least endowed a Kim Kardashian derriere. Also, they are SO comfortable. Rarely do we find a style of jeans that looks super chic but feel like pajamas.

Classic Jean Short

AG via Pinterest

Why you need it: Depending on the climate where you live summer wardrobes may bear more or less importance. But, no matter what, you should always have one good pair of jean shorts on hand for super-hot days.

Why we love them: They are casual without being sloppy. We are a huge fan of a loss fitting jort (jean + short) with a flowy top and heals, it’s a great summer date-night outfit. No many other clothing items can be worn during the day to the beach with flop-flops, and then completely transformed for evening.

Colored Jeans


7 For All Mankind via: Bloomingdale’s


Why you need it: DIVERSITY! Jeans are the best, they are comfortable and durable. But, you can’t wear the same outfit every day. Owning a pair of jeans in black or white is an easy way to spruce up your wardrobe.

Why we love it: Colored jeans are great for work. They tread the fine link between casual and formal, and as work attire continues to become more liberal this is a great alternative.