4 Reasons it’s Time to DITCH the Scale

Okay, we’re about to get real. If you are exercising regularly and eating right, you expect to see the results. But, it can be super disconcerting to put in all that hard work and get on the scale to see no change – or worse an increase?! It doesn’t make sense, and it can be demotivating.

Ready to make the change? Here are 4 reasons it’s time to say “bye” to your scale:

1. It says nothing about health

As you embark on a fitness journey it’s important to remember that people who weigh less aren’t necessarily healthier. A quick cleanse, or intensive diet, which quickly helps sheds a few pounds is temporary and does little to change your body’s metabolism. Nutritious eating habits and daily activity is more important that a quick pound or two.

2. Muscle is denser than fat

There is a common misconception that muscle weighs more than fat, but a pound of one object cannot weight more than a pound of another object. Actually, muscle is denser that fat. Meaning, it takes up less space than fat. So you might be loosing inches but not weight. And that’s not a bad thing!

3. You becoming blinded by your weight 
Focusing on weight, or defining your happiness by the attainment of a “goal weight”, will make you oblivious to the REAL results. You have more energy, your health/immune system is improved, you’re sleeping better and you don’t crave the wrong foods. If you do feel that shedding points is essential perhaps it’s better to set a goal area you would like to reach, or a goal pant size for example.

4. Weight Fluctuates
Nutritionists have stated that on a weekly average, an individuals weight fluctuates by one to three pounds. But, if someone is losing dramatic weight, say 10 pounds a week, a majority of it is probably water weight, and can easily be gained back.

There is a better way 

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